Worcester Polytechnic Institute

I attended college at WPI which exposed me to many projects and opportunities which impacted my development both as a computer scientist and a person.


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Code that I have written for various projects is hosted on GitHub

MQP: WPI Helpdesk Employee Management System

The Major Qualifying Project is the capstone project at WPI intended to demonstrate the knowledge and skills developed in the undergraduate program. This MQP was conducted by Jason Codding and Eric Greer and advised by Professor Michael Ciaraldi of the Computer Science Department at WPI.


The goal of this project was to design and develop an employee management system for the WPI Helpdesk. This system was developed to fill existing gaps in the electronic management of employees. The scope of the project included researching and evaluating various Web technologies and analysis and design of employee profiles, electronic timesheets, employee performance reviews, and an integrated hiring process. Development work included construction of the core system framework, creation and management of accounts, employee profiles, and electronic timesheets, and a foundation for future modules.


IQP: Assessment and Catalogue of Puerto Rican Mooring Buoys

The Interdisciplinary Qualifying Project is a major project conducted at WPI intended to develop collaborative skills in a cross major environment. This IQP was conducted in Puerto Rico for the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DRNA) by Brittney McNally, Eric Greer, Ryan LaSante & Greg Coffey. This project was advised by Professors Karen Lemone, CS & Ingrid Shockey, IGSD.


The Department of Natural and Environmental Resources of Puerto Rico has installed over 270 mooring buoys in seagrass, coral, and mangrove regions with the anticipation that they will curb boating damage and allow these natural environments to recover. To streamline buoy management, our group constructed a Geographic Information System database. This contains data we gathered at each buoy concerning its exact GPS location, condition, the recovery of the environment it is protecting, and observations of boating trends within the region.


WPI Courses

    Advanced Computer Science

    CS 529 Multimedia Networking
    CS 525 Human Computer Interactions in Immersive Environments
    CS 503 Foundations of Computer Science
    CS 502 Operating Systems
    CS 505 Social Implications of Computing
    CS 546 Human-Computer Interactions
    CS 509 Design of Software Systems
    CS 5084 Introductions to Algorithms: Design & Analysis
    CS 4445 Knowledge Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Databases
    CS 4432 Database Systems II
    CS 4241 Webware: Computational Technology for Network Information Systems
    CS 4515 Computer Architecture
    CS 4233 Object Oriented Analysis & Design
    CS 4341 Introduction To Artificial Intelligence
    CS 4514 Computer Networks: Architecture & Design

    Core Computer Science

    CS 3013 Operating Systems
    CS 3041 Human-Computer Interaction
    CS 3043 Social Implication of Information Processing
    CS 3733 Software Engineering
    CS 3133 Foundations of Computer Science
    CS 3431 Database Systems I
    CS 2011 Introduction to Computational Organization & Assembler
    CS 2303 Systems Programming Concepts
    CS 2102 Object-Oriented Design Concepts
    CS 1101 Introduction to Program Design

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